!(OPCSDEFS)		Optical Printer Control System		!(OPCSDEFS)

        ! -  execute a shell command from within OPCSDEFS file

        ! [command]

        ! copy *.* \safe          # run the DOS 'copy' command
        ! myprog 12 34 56         # run 'myprog 12 34 56' from DOS

        Like the !(OPCS) command, !(OPCSDEFS) executes commands from DOS
	in a DOS shell. But this allows the user to have programs executed
	automatically while the OPCSDEFS.OPC file is being parsed when the
	OPCS software is started.

        This is useful to initialize other pieces of hardware not associated
	with the OPCS software, or other modular programs that should be run
	as part of the initialization process.

	As with all OPCSDEFS commands, it is recommended that you avoid
	'stacking' more than one command on any one line (like you can with
	OPCS commands at the operator's prompt). Put each separate OPCSDEFS 
	command on its own separate line to avoid parsing problems.

	You can't 'quote' commands with ! in DEFS files the way you can
	with ! at the OPCS prompt. That is to say that the following WON'T 
	WORK in an OPCSDEFS file:

		! myprog 12 34 56 ! ramp a 1 12

        Adapted after examples set by such UNIX utilities as VI, ED, etc.
	UNIX is a trademark of AT&T.
© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.