DOSCMD(OPCSDEFS)	Optical Printer Control System		DOSCMD(OPCSDEFS)

        doscmd - define DOS commands that dont need the ! prefix

        doscmd [command]

        doscmd dir            # 'dir' command doesnt need the '!' prefix
        doscmd man            # 'man' command

        This command allows execution of commonly used DOS commands within
	OPCS without the need for using the '!' prefix.

	Assuming 'doscmd dir' is defined in your OPCSDEFS.OPC file, once 
	you are in the OPCS program, you can type 'dir' or 'dir *.run' 
	or 'dir *.run /w' without the need for using the '!' prefix.

	When called from within the OPCS software, all arguments to the
	right of the command (up to the end of the line or a '#' comment 
	character) are passed to DOS as arguments to the command:

	    dir *.run /w | more   # comment comment comment

	In the above example, 'dir *.run /w | more' will be passed to DOS,
	and the comments will be ignored.

	The user may define up to 30 such commands, each command having a
	10 character limit. The command itself should be in the current 
	directory or in the execution path if it is an 'EXE' or 'COM'
	program. Refer to your DOS manual for setting execution paths.

        This command can seem really nice at first, but it does have 

	    o RUN scripts that contain commands that are really DOSCMD 
	      definitions will cause errors on systems that dont have the
	      same definitions. If you expect a such a script to be 
	      portable to different systems, always use the ! prefix
	      to execute DOS commands instead of assuming DOSCMD has
	      them defined.

            o ALL arguments to the right of the DOS command will be passed
	      as arguments for the command. This means you cannot 'stack'
	      other DOS or OPCS commands on the same line. If you really
	      need to stack commands after a DOS command, you're better off
	      using !(OPCS) which will let you stack commands easily.

        !(OPCS)           - execute a dos command
        RUNCMD(OPCSDEFS)  - define your own OPCS command as a RUN script

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 04/08/91
© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.