FPF(OPCSDEFS)		Optical Printer Control System		FPF(OPCSDEFS)

        fpf - configure 'frames per foot' for a shutter motor

        fpf [chan] [frames per foot]

        fpf a 8       # aerial projector is Vistavision (8 frms/ft)
        fpf b 16      # main projector is 35mm (16 frms/ft)
        fpf c 40      # camera is 16mm (40 frms/ft)

        Sets the number of frames in a foot of film for each axis. This value
	is used by the camera/projector counters to calculate for the
	feet/frames display, as well as how to interpret expressions 
	such as cam 12'0.
	[chan] is the motor channel being configured.

	[frames per foot] may be any value that specifies the number of
	frames per foot of film.

        A value of 0 for FPF will blow out the software with a DIVISION BY
        ZERO error. Also, floating point values (such as .5) are not valid
        arguments for the FPF command.

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 11/29/89

© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.