LOGCOUNTERS(OPCS)     Optical Printer Control System     LOGCOUNTERS(OPCS)

        logcounters - configure if cam/pro counters should be logged

        logcounters [on/off]

        logcounters on      # log files will contain counter info
        logcounters off     # DON'T put counter info into log files

        When LOGCOUNTERS is on, and a LOG(OPCS) command is logging out to a
	file or line printer, the motor positions are logged along with each
	line the operator types. The positions are entered into the file as 
	comments, so when executed, the position information is ignored.

	The format of how the counters are logged is configured with

	This information may be necessary for debugging purposes, but in most
	cases just 'clutters up' an otherwise easy to read file, and it may
	be desireable to leave this setting off when logging to files.

	If the operator uses ALLSTOP during command logging, it would be
	unwise to later execute the log file as a run script without making 
	the proper modifications to the commands that were interrupted. Here 
	is a sample log with a command that was interrupted:

	    #  1:1   0(0'0)         20(1'4)       CLOSED 0   
	    cam -120

	    #  1:1   0(0'0)         18(1'2)       CLOSED 0   

	Note the camera counter now reads 18 instead of -100. Because the
	command was interrupted, it never got to finish shooting. This
	could cause confusion later if this log were executed as a RUN script,
	and commands that followed used absolute positioning (cam >134).
	The command cam -120 should then modified by hand:
	    cam >10    or   cam -10

	...to reflect the command as it was actually executed.

        LOG(OPCS)		- log all commands entered by the user
        RUN(OPCS)		- run a log file
        LOGCOUNTERS(OPCSDEFS)	- enable/disable logging counters to logfiles
        LOGFORMAT(OPCSDEFS)	- formats how values are printed to logfile

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 12/15/89

© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.