LOGFORMAT(DEFS)       Optical Printer Control System       LOGFORMAT(DEFS)

        logformat - format how counters appear in log files

        logformat string

        logformat \# %0ar:%0br:%0cr  %13aF %13bF %13cF %0dS\n
        logformat \# Camera Count=%13cF, Command:

	An example output using the above format string might yield the
	following in the log file:

		# 0:1:1   26(1'10)      0(0'0)      0(0'0)  170.00
		  -----   --------      ------      ------  ------
		    |       |              |           |      |
		    |       |              |           |      |
		  Ratio   Aerial        Main        Camera  Fader
		          Counter       Counter     Counter Position

        When the camera operator enables LOG(OPCS), and if LOGCOUNTERS(DEFS)
	is enabled, then LOGFORMAT(DEFS) sets the format string used to 
	determine how the counters are printed into the logs.

	The format string can contain 'format sequences' which are replaced
	with various dynamic counter values when printed to the log.

	Like the printf() function in the C language, format sequences 
	can either be any of the usual \c sequences:

		\r  - a carriage return (no line feed)
		\e  - escape
		\n  - a carriage return/line feed
		\t  - tab

	or can be these OPCS-specific '%' sequences, such as:
	        %5cF     -- print channel 'c' in feet/frames format
		            with 5 digit padding

	..which is an example of the general syntax:



	    <width> is a numeric value indicating how many characters
	            to pad when printing the value.

	    <channel> is the channel letter for the dynamic value in question.
	              Channel letters may be 'a' thru 'p'.

	    <op> is an operator character which can be one of the following:

	    		r - ratio value
	    		p - position ie: 26
	    		f - "feet'frames", ie: 1'10
			F - "frames(feet)", ie: 26(1'10)
			S - special (currently, "%0dS" prints the fader position
			    in degrees)

	'%%' can be used to print a percent character. (OPCS K1.13b+)

	Any other characters are inserted in the logfile verbatim.

	Gregory Ercolano, Venice California 04/07/98

© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.