MRP(OPCSDEFS)		Optical Printer Control System		MRP(OPCSDEFS)

        mrp - maximum ramp pulses for shutter motors

        mrp [pulses]

        mrp 500       #  no more than 500 pulses for ramping
                      #  during shutter runs

        Sets a maximum for the number pulses used for ramping during
	shutter runs. Set this value equal to or less than the number 
	of pulses it takes to move the exposing shutter from the 'closed'
	position to the position where the shutter just begins to open.

	This will ensure motor ramping does not occur while the film
	is being exposed.

	Use the following logic:

	    If there are 2000 steps per full rotation of the shutter,
	    and the shutter starts opening at 90 degrees (1/4 rotation)
	    on either side of the closed position, ramping can therefore
	    occur for up to 500 pulses without endangering film exposure.

	In actual practice, you may want to set the value slightly lower,
	incase the shutter has slop.

        MRP also affects the operation of AUTOFILT(OPCS) and FILTER(OPCSDEFS).
	See these documents for details.

        MRP(OPCSDEFS)     - set 'maximum ramping pulses' for shutter runs
	RAMP(OPCSDEFS)    - set maximum acclerations and velocities
	SPD(OPCS)         - set the camera's exposure speed
        SPD(OPCSDEFS)     - set a motor's running speeds
	RAMPCURVE(OPCSDEFS) - set ramping curves for shutter runs
        AUTOFILT(OPCS)    - enable/disable the auto-wedging filter wheel
        FILTER(OPCSDEFS)  - define channel to control a filter wheel

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 08-15-91
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