PROPHASE(OPCSDEFS)      Optical Printer Control System    PROPHASE(OPCSDEFS)

	prophase - configure projector's phase adjustment for 1:1 shooting

        prophase [chan] [pulses]   # sets number of pulses channel 
                                   # will move before shooting 1:1

        prophase a 200             # half-stepper systems (400 ppr)
        prophase b 200             # 

        prophase a 1000            # Centent microsteppers (2000 ppr)
        prophase b 1000            #

        prophase a 1600            # Lynx microsteppers (3200 ppr)
        prophase b 1600            #

        Sets the projector phase adjustment (in motor pulses). Phase adjustment
	occurs just before and just after 1:1 ratio shooting. This phase 
	adjustment is necessary so the projector(s) and camera can run 
	together, only exposing film when the projector images are seated.

	Almost without exception, the prophase command:

		1) Is always set to be 1/2 the number of pulses for  one
		   motor revolution. This includes  Vistavision movements.
		   On a system where one switches back and forth  between
		   Vista / 35mm / 16mm, the prophase value does NOT  change,
		   even though the PPR(OPCSDEFS) value may  change.

		2) Is set ONLY for the projectors. A value of '0' should  be
		   set for all the other  channels.
		   (The prophase value is actually ignored  by the other 
		   channels, so it doesn't really matter what the  values 
		   are  for non-projector channels, but '0' makes it easy 
		   to tell that the value is ignored by these  channels.)

        None reported.

        RAT(OPCS)           - set the shooting ratio for the REP command
        REP(OPCS)           - shoot current projector/camera shooting ratio
	PROPHASE(OPCSDEFS)  - sets projector phase adjustment for 1:1 shooting

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 12/15/89
© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.