RAMP(OPCSDEFS)		Optical Printer Control System		RAMP(OPCSDEFS)

        ramp - configure motor's maximum acclerations and velocities

        ramp [chan] [norm accel] [norm vel] [slew accel] [slew vel]

                     |        |  
                    ---      --- 
        ramp a  10  150  15  200        ramp a  10 150  15 200
                --       --                     ------  ------
                 |_______|                      |       |
                     |                          |       Slewing speed
                Accelerations                   |
                                                Normal speed

        This command sets up the maximum accelerations and velocities.
	Since the kuper card works at 120 samples per second, the values
	represent the number of pulses per sample, or the number
	of pulses per 1/120th of a second. 

	Acceleration values are used for ramping. As the motor comes up to 
	speed, it will do so in increments specified by the 'acceleration'.

	Velocity values are the maximum running velocities. The motor will
	not go faster than the maximum velocity supplied.

        MRP(OPCSDEFS)     - set 'maximum ramping pulses' for shutter runs
	RAMP(OPCSDEFS)    - set maximum acclerations and velocities
	SPD(OPCS)         - set the camera's exposure speed
        SPD(OPCSDEFS)     - set a motor's running speeds
	RAMPCURVE(OPCSDEFS) - set ramping curves for shutter runs

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 08-15-91
© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.