VERSIONS(DOCS)		Optical Printer Control System		VERSIONS(DOCS)


1.37a - spacebar for allstop, double_check_hardware().
1.37b - cam >-2 bugfix, debug info commented out (ONEIL 1/3/89)
1.37c - better /etc/crash handling, LPT1/LPT2 hardware checks
1.37d - step modified with optional arguments,log handles #-----
1.38  - Local/Public motor subs, contrived msg, (needs init code)
1.40  - Lock command added, check buckle during shoot, allstop/buck
	checked in C, DBX saves/restores counters.
1.40a - Fixes to allstop handler, and DBXSAVE->COUNTER is now 'int'
1.50  - Commands and code added for DUAL projectors.
2.00  - Parallel/steps/direction, 8 motor max, concurrent shooting.
2.00a - fix to shutdrvr.asm for projectors going 1/2 out of phase
2.00b - fix to OPCSBIG (added NULL in pattern[] init), dutycycle, deen
2.00c - fix to SEEK..ShootRatio() contained wrong ratio
2.01  - ramping, fast seek, pro2display bugfix, dirxor bugfix
2.01a - key, load, lineup, less runbar calls, step abc no counter
2.01b - buckle check BEFORE running motors, load removed
2.10  - Large model, float interps, time interp, all 8 motors run
2.10a - timeinterp uses pps instead of seconds
2.10b - feed, step uses interps (ffocus, etc), PreCamEvent()
2.10c - floor(), fixes to step_cmd, opcsline.c, opcseval.c
2.10d - fixes to opcsinterp.c (free samp), jog added, fix ppr=1 slow
	added * for a chan spec, Chan2Bin() 'total' now a ptr, bug
	fix in GetFaderValue() to check for defs->interp==NULL,
	res2,rat2,seek2,chk2 have been phased out.
2.10e - timeinterp uses seconds/cycles, feed allows floats for interp
2.10f - fixes to opcsinterp.c Lookup2Steps(using a [high] value would
	produce huge numbers) and to opcsramp (0xff instead of 0xffff).
	CS_WAIT has STI now. (bug came up in 103.00)
3.00  - 12 channels supported, added +/- ratio to KEY. MANY subroutines
	have been modified in OPCSRAMP.C, and allstop() handling was
	greatly modified. Fix to SlopCorrection(). Fix to EvalFrameSpec:
	changed (int) typecast to (Frame). Added counter/rat sets to
	key_cmd, et al. Put back load_cmd.
3.00a - JOG has inching, frame windoffs. (needs set-keys, slaving)
	Motor routines called w/func ptrs for counter updates. Slop
	routine bugfix. opcs has arg for different OPCSDEFS.OPC file.
3.00b - Fix to seek() [seek 1 1 1 then seek 1 would run 1 1 1]
3.00c - Fix:'motors off cam 12 motors off' screws up old counts.
	Added $1 $2 variable passing to RUNCMD.
3.00d - REP >54 and REP PRO >54, added fpf_eval_num_expr(), fixed
	'K' in bignum.
3.00e - EFW Bugfixes:
	o PANIC/ABORT in a RUN file would continue anyway
	  with next line. err=execute_string() in OPCSCMDS.
3.00f - OPCSDEFS.C modified out redundant 'IsBadMotor()' calls.
k1.00 - Completely modified for use with kuper card and EMC subs.
k1.02f - run()'s ReadLine() modified: 199 changed to MAXLINECHARS,
	 ReadLine() modified to handle 'Line too long' errors.
	 Added ALT+chan letter to JOG. 
	 Fix run() to break when skipping if EOF reached.
	 Jog comes up with 'D' as default instead of 'A'
k1.03  - Added 'respond', centralized the ALLSTOP handlers to the
	 subroutines in OPCSSUBS, put in IFDEF OPCS clause for code
	 in motorsubs.c, Evalnum: hex() function added,
	 opcsjog: key->changed=0 when called. Seek added to KEY(OPCS).
k1.04  - is_all_stop_key() checks for allstop key even if 'motors off'.
	 execute_args() now checks custom commands for all arguments.
k1.05  - Added keydef(OPCSDEFS), JogRelease() etc.
k1.06  - 04-08-92 Bug fix in motorsubs.c: RampDownNow(): 
	 ONTHEFLYRAMPDOWN. Bug fix: JOG: crawl FWD/REV now updates
	 large display, improved bar() subroutine for faster display.
k1.07  - 04-13-92 Added frange(OPCSDEFS) command at Tony's request.
k1.08  - 04-21-92 prophase added, spd(DEFS) handles '-' for any args.
k1.09  - 04-22-92
	 SPD BUGFIX: opcsdefs wasn't passing speed scale to kuper subs
	 BIG BUG FIX --> in shutter: ContShut(): slow speeds caused
		  no ramping (ok), but an allstop failed (stopped out
		  of home) because rdsamp/allstop checking weird.
		  Put allstop opportunity AFTER vels get sent.
	 ALSO: ShutterStop() wasn't checking for non-ramp case 
	       properly, and incorrectly computed if in midst of
	       rampdown (added /32, and more reliable check. TESTED)
	       Symptoms were stalls.
	 ALSO: ContShutter() wasn't pointing ASADDR to velstop stack
	       values (non-ramp), caused intermittent stall if ASTOP
	       occurred during ShutterFlush() (which uses ASADDR if
	       someone hits allstop)
k1.10  - 05-29-92 Added softlatch to handle kuper's I/O port card
		  (which can be written to, but not read). Added 
		  'rat 4 4' to shoot 4, advance 4, shoot 4, etc.
k1.10a - 07-24-92 ALT-letter works a little better.
k1.10b - 08-06-92 key wont cls after called from script
k1.10c - Bugfix for (176'-32) vs (176'0-32) in evalnum.
k1.10d - key: projector run keys don't check buckview now.
k1.10e - rat 1 0 1: fix to run in tandem
k1.11e - -x flag added to fdi/fdo/dxi/dxo
k1.12  - FINAL FIX for stupid screen scroll problem (mdrive.asm)
k1.12a - added feet/frames to logcounters
k1.12b - added 'logformat' command
k1.12c - 04/02/98 added defs: pro2display, set/clr/xorbit
k1.12d - 04/07/98 BUGFIX: pro2display disables ratio too
		  BUGFIX: Enabled runbar() again (been off how long?!)
		  Status line is now:
		     <-0 RUNBAR 24-><-25 SCRIPT 52-><-53 FADE/DX 79->
k1.12e - 04/10/98 Added defs: 
		       '@', 'echo' 'buckle' 'viewer' 'filter' 'keyfunc'
		       'buckview' 'deenergize' 'keydef'
		  Added opcs: 'autofilt'
		  Seek now ignores viewer, but still senses buckles
		  Redraws allstop msgs w/out flashing after cont/abt.
		  Added autofilt(OPCS) and filter(OPCSDEFS)
		  Made man pages for logformat, and all new commands
		  Added +-*/ to SPD(OPCS): OK
		  Added '-all' flag to SHOW(OPCS): OK
k1.12f - 05/13/98 Added faderdisplay [on|off] for cinetech
K1.13  - 06/18/98 BUG FIX - 'FDI 2 CAM 10' would stop/go shoot last 8
		  BUG FIX - 'SHU 50 RESET D 0 SEEK 1 1' moves fader?!
			    Created SetCounter() that updates both counter and 
		  BUG FIX - mods to shutter.c so key release while in key(OPCS)
		            mode dumps part of ring buffer, making motors stop
			    quicker. [ Added DumpHalfStack() ]
		  ENH: Added cam/pro variables to evalnum
		  ENH: Added 'DO UNTIL (CAM=12) ..', modified manpage
		  DOC: Added manpage for debugger(OPCSDEFS)
		  ENH: home program now has a 'default' clause, so 'home'
		       without args can be _controlled_
		  ENH: Added spdinterp(DEFS) to allow zoom to affect exposure
		  Introduced: ease.exe and gr.exe for doing pans/zooms.

K1.13a - 07/11/98 BUGFIX: ease had trouble with numbers >+-32768.
			   Problem was Round() returned an int, and
			   easediff variables were int instead of Pos.
		  ENH: home now has 'reset [chan] [val]'
		  ENH: gr has 'v' to plot vels
		  ENH: pending feeds are now shown in the runbar
		  BUGFIX: BAD BUG in shutter.c since k1.13: 'cam 110' didn't
		          actually shoot 110 frames, and left motor out of 
			  sync. Bug was in DumpVels() being called under non-
			  allstop situations.
		  ENH: runcmd now allows -1 as #args for variable args.
		       Also, existence of .HLP files are checked, and printed
		       during errors in number of arguments.
		  ENH: $* now expands ALL variables.

K1.13b - 02/05/99 BUGFIX: ARGH! All math functions were offset!! ALL WERE WRONG!
		  BUGFIX: seek 10 10 - seek 10 10 seek 10 10 -
						  This would run at NON-slew spd
		  BUGFIX: (6*(3'0)) and (6+4'0) doesn't work!
		  	  Unfortunatly all this stuff was broken; parser
			  numeric parser was checking for ' anywhere in
			  the ENTIRE FORMULA, and not stopping at end of
			  numeric value.
		  ENH: Added (?) to print actual evalnum help

K1.13c - 12/19/00 BUGFIX: seek couldn't handle different PPR values

K1.13d - 03/15/02 Fixed 'mov' docs; references to 'h' channel changed to 'f'
		  8255.exe modified to let user change outputs (v2)
		  No changes to OPCS that I know of otherwise.

K1.14 - 04/27/03  o Adding new OPCS command 'velrep', added VelRep.C.
		    (For Technicolor)
		  o Modified 'man rtmc48' to include kuper diagram.
		  o Fixed bugs in evalnum.c as per linux port
		  o Fixed bug in opcssubs.c as per linux port

K1.15 - 04/16/08  o velrep would crash if filename didn't exist,
                    or on other file related errors. velrep 
		    'Free' routines were not checking for NULL.

		  o velrep docs modified to indicate the + postfix
		    would either increment OR decrement the frame
		    counter based on the velocity's sign (direction).

		  o home: added OPCSDEBUG to help and man page

		  o velrep mem leak: wasn't free()ing stop/goto/loop labels

		  o go mem leak: seems like hfree() wasn't freeing the
		    halloc()s correctly, causing mem to slowly leak.
		    Solution: FreeRingBuffer() hfree() commented out,
		    run hfree() only on opcs_exit()

		  o To make room for more ram:

		    rtmc48/mdrive: Made environment smaller: 25000 -> 20000
		    (Only need 19660) Run 'defs' or 'show -d' to determine 
		    Environment size.

		    Changed MAXSCRIPTS from 20 to 16

		    velrep: Added CHUNKSIZE to realloc()s to prevent
		            mem fragmentation.

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