CHK(OPCS)		Optical Printer Control System		CHK(OPCS)

	chk  - check if the pro/cam/fader counters are at certain values

	chk  [pro] [cam] [fader]            # single head printer
	chk  [pro2] [pro1] [cam] [fader]    # dual headed printer

	chk  10  13'12  0
	     |     |    |
	     |     |    Check if fader is closed
	     |     Check if camera counter reads 13 feet 12 frames
	     Check if projector counter reads '10'

        This command helps debug RUN(OPCS) scripts. It compares its arguments
	to the current counter values to see if they are where the script
	programmer expected them to be. 
	If a comparison fails, an appropriate error warns of the discrepancy,
	and prompts the operator with an ABORT/CONTINUE option.

	Arguments can be either in frames or in feet/frames format.

	Arguments can be '-' to skip comparison checks for a motor:

	    chk - - 170       # only check if fader at 170 degrees
	    chk 120 - - -     # only check if pro2 counter reads 120

        Assuming the counters read: PRO=34, CAM=12, SHU=0, and the following 
	command is executed from a running script:

	    chk 34 10 170

	...all running scripts will be stopped, and the following errors will 
	be generated (because the camera and fader are not in the positions
	that were specified):

	    CHK:  Camera not at 10 frames
	    CHK:  Fader not at 170 degrees
	    Hit any key to continue  (ALLSTOP TO ABORT)


	RUN(OPCS)      - run an OPCS script file
	MOTORS(OPCS)   - enable/disable motors for debugging scripts

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 11/29/89

© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.