CUSTOM(OPCS)		Optical Printer Control System		CUSTOM(OPCS)

        custom - recommended commands implemented by the site engineer

        These are recommended custom commands, which are best implemented
	by the site engineer using runcmd(OPCSDEFS).

	    load   - Unseat projectors for loading
	    lineup - Seat camera for lineups
	    unlock - Unlock motors for manual adjustment
	    ycm    - Y/C/M shooting

	    (For more, see the all the files in work\run\*)

	These commands and others can be found in the work\run directory.
	e.g. in the work\run\* directory, you can find the YCM commands:  -- YCM 'runcmd' script
	    ycm.hlp  -- YCM script's help file (describes command, args)
	    ycm.vrp  -- YCM script's velrep file (velocities for YCM shooting)

	There are example versions of these commands that come as part
	of the software, but you can define your own too. The RUNCMD 
	defintions are in the opcsdefs.opc file (commented out), and 
	the associated '.run' files are in the work\run\* directory.
	Simply edit the opcsdefs.opc file, and uncomment or create the 
	commands you need, and modify the .run scripts to suit your needs.

	Most of the 'example' commands come with man pages and/or .hlp
	files. Please refer to those for more information.

        LOAD(CUSTOM)     - unseat projectors for film loading 
	LINEUP(CUSTOM)   - seat the camera for lineups 
	UNLOCK(CUSTOM)   - unlock motors for manual adjustment

        RUNCMD(OPCSDEFS) - define your own OPCS command as a RUN script
        DOSCMD(OPCSDEFS) - define DOS commands that dont need the ! prefix
        HOME(DOCS)       - external command to home the motors

	Gregory Ercolano, Venice California 04/12/98
© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.