KEY(OPCS)		Optical Printer Control System		KEY(OPCS)

        key - shoot camera/projector frames by button control

        key [no arguments]

        KEY(OPCS) gives the operator button controls to run camera, projector,
	and fader for simple shooting. These are the defaults defined by the
	KEYFUNC(OPCSDEFS) command in the OPCSDEFS.OPC file:
	    F1 =  projector2 continuous run fwd  |
	    F2 =  projector2 continuous run rev  | PROJECTOR2 SHOOT
	    F3 =  projector2 fwd single frame    | 
	    F4 =  projector2 rev single frame   _|
	    F5 =  projector1 continuous run fwd  |
	    F6 =  projector1 continuous run rev  | PROJECTOR1 SHOOT
	    F7 =  projector1 fwd single frame    |
	    F8 =  projector1 rev single frame   _|
	    F9  =  camera continuous run fwd     |
	    F10 =  camera continuous run rev     |CAMERA SHOOT
	    F11 =  camera fwd single frame       |
	    F12 =  camera rev single frame      _|
	    1 =  run positive ratio shoot   |
	    2 =  run negative ratio shoot   | RATIOS
	    3 =  set ratio to new values   _|
	    4 =  set projector2 counter     |
	    5 =  set projector1 counter     | COUNTERS
	    6 =  set camera counter        _|
	    7 =  set fade in        |
	    8 =  set fade out      _|  FADES
	    9 =  set dissolve in    |           
	    0 =  set dissolve out  _|  DISSOLVES
	    - =  close fader        |            
	    = =  open fader        _|  OPEN/CLS
    BACKSPACE =  seek pro/cam      _|  CAPPED SEEK
	 HOME =  unlock (deenergize) motors
	  ESC =  quit to OPCS command line

	It is advised you use a keyboard template. A screen menu with all 
	the above information is ugly, and would contend with the counter 
	display, so the screen for the KEY command is mostly empty, except 
	when prompting for data.

	On most IBM keyboards, function keys (F1 - F12) are arranged across
	the top of the keyboard in 3 groups, 4 keys per group. These groupings
	correspond to the three shutter motors from left to right: 

             Motor Controlled  Func Keys
             ----------------  ---------
	     Aerial Projector  F1 - F4
	       Main Projector  F5 - F8
	               Camera  F9 - F12

	In each group, two keys control forward/reverse and shoot as long as 
	you hold the key down, the others shoot forward/reverse single frames.

        You can use KEYFUNC(OPCSDEFS) to define external port bits to rig up
	your own buttons on the printer to control the motors, as well a
	redefine the above keys. You can also tie your own custom commands
	to buttons and keys.
	EXAMPLE. To define the TAB key to invoke a DOS dir command, then put 
	the following in your OPCSDEFS.OPC file:

	    keyfunc -add "! dir ! pse -noabort" 0060 ff 0f  0060 80 80

	Then invoke the KEY(OPCS) mode. When you hit TAB, a directory listing
	will appear, then you will be prompted to hit a key, then you're 
	returned to the key mode.

        JOG(OPCS)         - jog to new positions (in pulses) interactively
        KEYFUNC(OPCSDEFS) - Lets you define which keys control motors

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 02/15/91
© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.