OPN/CLS(OPCS)		Optical Printer Control System		OPN/CLS(OPCS)

        opn  - open the fader shutter
	cls  - close the fader shutter

       opn		# open the fader
       cls		# close the fader

       opn and cls allow the user to open or close the fader directly. 
       To move the fader to positions other than OPEN or CLOSED, use the 
       SHU(OPCS) command to specify absolute degree positions for the fader.

       Specifying OPN or CLS during a pending fade or dissolve will effectively
       cancel the fade/dx, and send the fader to the specified position.

       The system will not acknowledge the ALLSTOP key until AFTER the fader
       has completed running to its position.

       OPN uses the INTERP(OPCSDEFS) command's [high] value to determine the
       degree position for OPEN on your system, and the [low] value to 
       determine the degree position for CLOSED.  See INTERP(OPCSDEFS) for 

	-- Operator Commands --
        CAM	  - shoot camera (fades/dissolves too)
        OPN	  - open the fader shutter to 170 degrees
	SHU 	  - send fader shutter to an absolute position
	CLS	  - close the fader shutter to 0 degrees
        DXI/DXO   - set up dissolve in/out
        FDI/FDO   - set up fade in/out

	-- Opcs Setup Commands --
	FLOG      - set Fader LOGarithmic curve for custom fades
	FRANGE    - set fade/dx's degrees range (for Hicon film stocks)
	INTERP    - set interpolation positions (fader, focus, etc)
	SLOP      - correct for slop in a motor (fader, focus, etc)
        INTERP(OPCSDEFS)	- setup interpolations for fader, etc.

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 11/29/89

© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.