PSE(OPCS)		Optical Printer Control System		PSE(OPCS)

        pse - pause a run script

        pse [-noabort]

        This command will pause a running script to allow users to adjust
	filters, f-stops, and the like. This command simply prompts the 
	operator with a 'Hit RETURN to continue' prompt.
	If the -noabort argument is specified, the user will not be able 
	to hit 'allstop' to abort the PSE command, which can be used to prevent
	accidental ALLSTOPs made by the operator in such scripts as LOAD and 
	LINEUP, which pause with a device out of phase)
	An automated 'wedge' script that uses the PSE command is shown below:

	    do 12 pse cam 1  # Wedging commands

	The above will shoot 12 frames, prompting the operator with:

		* PAUSE *
		RETURN to continue, or SPACEBAR to abort:

	..before shooting each frame, allowing the operator to change
	filters, and hit return to shoot each frame. Of course, with
	a filter wheel, one doesn't need to do this.

        Whenever PSE is encountered, the keyboard's buffer is CLEARED of all
	pending characters to prevent accidentally typed characters from 
	skipping several PSE commands.

        RUN(OPCS) - execute a run script

	Gregory Ercolano, Los Feliz California 04-23-91

© Copyright 1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.