From: Greg Ercolano <erco@(email surpressed)>
Subject: RUSH newsgroup FAQ 01/02/03
   Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2003 12:49:08 -0800
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    First post!

    OK, the rush newsgroup is officially up as of 01/02/03.

    The idea is to give RUSH customers and potential customers 
    a forum for discussing Rush software setup, installation and
    maintenance, and all such issues related to render management.
    Topics may stray to discussions on file system layouts, 
    load management, 3rd party software techniques, and other 
    operating system related administrative tasks.

    Rules for posting:

	o Keep the content 'professional' and 'helpful'
	      I reserve the right to edit or remove messages based
	      on content.

	      Don't worry too much, I do have a sense of humor.  I won't
	      intervene unless I have to.

	o Avoid posting binary files unless absolutely necessary

	      At best, keep binaries small, and try to avoid posting
	      them. Instead, put such files on an ftp or website, and
	      post the link.

        o No more than 1000 lines per message. 

	      The news server will enforce this. 

	      If your post is too large, put the bulk of the content
	      on a website or ftp site, and post a link.
    	o All posts and their content will become public domain.
	     Do not post confidential material.
	     If you need to send confidential information, email it 
	     directly to me instead of posting it to the group.

   Other issues.


	     I'll do my best to prevent spammers from harvesting
	     for email addresses, but I cannot guarantee it. Hopefully 
	     someday state laws will make such activity unprofitable.

	     Until then, obfuscate your email address and signatures 
	     if this is a concern. 


	      I won't be expiring the articles, so they'll remain
	      'forever'.  Articles may be moderated for content.

	      When the group gets huge, I'll probably move off the really
	      old articles to the archive, so they'll still be available.

Greg Ercolano, erco@(email surpressed)
Rush Render Queue,

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