From: Greg Ercolano <erco@(email surpressed)>
Subject: [Q+A] "All Jobs" report (rush -laj) sometimes blank .. using rush
   Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2014 13:37:17 -0500
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> We are using Rush 102.42a9d.
> We have a job server with a lot of jobs, and sometimes the "All Jobs" report
> shows up blank. We see that server shows up in the "NO RESPONSE FROM" at the
> bottom of the report.
> This is only when we hit the "All Jobs" button, or when we run "rush -laj".
> When this happens, the rushd.log shows an error message saying "Message too long".
> But we see the jobs are rendering OK; new frames are picking up,
> and we can see the 'Frames' report for the jobs running OK.
> We also noticed if we select a job managed by the machine, it then shows
> all the jobs OK in the "Jobs" report (not "All Jobs").
> Seems to be a transient issue; it doesn't always happen unless
> there's a lot of jobs in the queue.
> Is this a known problem and is there a workaround or solution?

    Yes, known problem and there is a fix.

    First, the description of the problem, followed by the solution.

    The problem is ONLY with the "All Jobs" report (and 'rush -laj'),
    because that report uses a protocol that sometimes can't handle
    large reports on certain networks.

    It has to do with the report being so large that the local network
    can't deliver the report in a single UDP packet.

    Really long job titles exacerbate the problem coupled with lots and
    lots of jobs.

    As you've seen, you can view the jobs if you type an existing jobid
    into irush and hit "Jobs" -- this works, because the "Jobs" report
    uses a different network protocol that doesn't have this issue.

    Rush 103.04 and up do not have this problem.

    The solution for people running with 102.42a9d (or older) is to simply
    replace the "rush" executable with the appropriate fix binary listed below.

    At least 3 companies have tried this and verified it solves the problem.

    Here's new "rush" binaries for all three platforms.

    Since this is a /client side/ issue, not a daemon issue, only the workstations
    need the fix (or machines that will be using irush). It can be installed by just
    renaming away /usr/local/rush/bin/rush and replacing it with one of the following
    binaries, depending on the platform:

	Linux 32bit:
	Linux 64bit:

    NOTE: These files are password protected; use your 102 username/pass.
    If you don't know what it is, contact me directly via private email: erco@(email surpressed)
    Use your business email account.

    These downloads aren't zips or tars, they are the actual rush executable.
    So just right click on the link and choose 'Save link as..'

    To install, just rename away the old rush executable and replace it
    with the one downloaded using the below instructions. You can do this
    just on your own workstation to test it, and once verified, install it
    on the other machines by copying it around.



	1) Make sure the rush.exe binary is not already running (eg. via user's irush or rushtop)
	2) Rename away the old binary:

		cd c:\rush\bin
		move rush.exe old-rush.exe

	3) Save the new binary as c:\rush\bin\rush.exe

	4) (optional) Verify the new binary installed by running:

		rush -version

	   ..which should report 102.42a9d2 (emphasis on "d2")


	1) Login as root. Rename away the old rush binary:

		cd /usr/local/rush/bin
		mv rush old-rush

	2) Save the new binary as: /usr/local/rush/bin/rush
	3) Change the perms on the new binary (IMPORTANT):

		chmod 4755 /usr/local/rush/bin/rush
		chown 0.0  /usr/local/rush/bin/rush

	4) (optional) Verify the new binary by running:

		rush -version

	   ..which should report 102.42a9d2 (emphasis on "d2")