allstop - define the ALLSTOP key
                ! - execute a shell command from within OPCSDEFS file
      bigcounters - enable/disable the large counter display
           buckle - set the buckle input ports and bit masks
           clrbit - clear bit(s) on a port
         debugger - enable OPCS debugging
           dirxor - invert the direction of a motor (direction XOR)
           doscmd - define DOS commands that dont need the ! prefix
             echo - enable/disable echoing of certain defs commands
     faderdisplay - Enable/Disable display of fader position counter
           filter - define channel to control the filter wheel
             flog - fader logarithm characteristics
              fpf - frames per foot for a shutter motor
           frange - set the open/close positions for fades/dissolves
         hardware - enable/disable using printer hardware
           interp - set up interpolation points
          jogstep - set the jog mode's 'vernier' and 'crawl' step rate
          keyfunc - allows the user to redefine keys for KEY(OPCS) and JOG(OPCS)
      logcounters - update counter information to log files as comments
        logformat - format how counters appear in log files
              mrp - maximum ramp pulses for shutter motors
          opcscmd - execute an OPCS command from within a defs file
              ppr - set pulses per revolution for a motor
      pro2display - Enable/Disable display of aerial projector counters
         prophase - set projector phase adjustment for 1:1 shooting
             ramp - set motor's maximum acclerations and velocities
        rampcurve - sets the ramping curve for shutter runs
          respond - device name to send responses to OPCS commands
           runcmd - define your own OPCS command as a RUN script
          seekcap - automatically cap the fader when SEEK command is used
           setbit - set bit(s) on a port
             slop - how to overcome sloppy mechanisms for esp. faders
              spd - set the default and fastwind speeds for a motor
        spdinterp - set up an interpolation for the exposure speed
          tension - define the tension motor port
       tripswitch - set up tripswitches for axes
           viewer - set the viewer input port and bit mask
           xorbit - flip bit(s) on a port. (ie. invert, exclusive-or)

© Copyright 1989-1997 Greg Ercolano. All rights reserved.