How To Install Fl_Tree Into Your Own Project

The Fl_Tree project can either be added to FLTK, or installed as a subdirectory either inside your own project, or in a separate directory that all your projects can refer to.

Just be sure to compile with the -I (include) flag pointing to where the Fl_Tree directory is, and link in "Fl_tree.a" left in the Fl_Tree main directory after doing a 'make'.

Installing Fl_Tree Into Your Project's Directory

Here's an example of how to install Fl_Tree into your project's own directory:
            |-- YourApp.C
            |-- YourApp.H                -- Contains "#include <FL/Fl_Tree.H>"
            |-- Makefile                 -- Compiles with "-I./Fl_Tree", links with ./Fl_Tree/Fl_Tree.o
            |-- Fl_Tree                  -- Fl_Tree installed as a subdirectory
            :       |
                    |-- FL               -- Fl_Tree include files
                    |   |
                    |   |-- Fl_Tree.H    -- include this in your code with #include <FL/Fl_Tree.H>
                    |   :
                    |-- Fl_Tree.a        -- The Fl_Tree library
                    |-- Makefile         -- Fl_Tree Makefile
This way you can still just have "#include <FL/Fl_Tree.H>" in your C++ files. Just use "-I./Fl_Tree" as one of the compile flags, and the #include will resolve correctly.

During linking, be sure to link in Fl_Tree.a file as part of the link instructions for your app.