Flruler -- FLTK Pixel Ruler

Download flruler-1.05.tar.gz (08/02/2016)
See the Change Log.

You can download binaries (latest version only):
Linux/Sci Linux 6.3, Win2K/XP, OSX (Intel),
IRIX (flruler 1.04 only), FreeBSD (flruler 1.04 only)


A program for measuring the pixel size of on-screen elements. Intended for GUI debugging to verify widget separations and sizes, though may also be used for general computer graphics debugging purposes, including measuring pixel distances of images, web applications, etc.

You can easily make copies of the ruler and reoriented it via either the keyboard or mouse:

       'c'    -- make a copy of the current ruler (in focus)
       'esc'  -- closes current ruler (in focus)
       'q'    -- quit all rulers
       Up,Down,Left,Right -- re-orients ruler (arrow points to where zero will be)
       '+'    -- increase length of ruler by 10%
       '-'    -- decrease length of ruler by 10%

       Left-Drag         -- drags current ruler around for positioning
       Left-Double-click -- reverses direction of current ruler's numbers
       Left-Triple-click -- rotates current ruler 90 degrees
       Middle-Click      -- makes copy of current ruler


flruler is licensed under the GPL. See the LICENSE.txt for details. flruler uses the FLTK 'fast/light' multiplatform graphics library which supports Windows, Linux, OSX, IRIX, and others.


To report bugs, see the instructions at the bottom of the man page.

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