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Orange -- Useful bug fixes
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Release Notes for 102.42a9c-beta                         Fixes: xx/xx/xx

  Whem multiple job servers are used, FIFO scheduling did have a problem;
  the values used for scheduling time values were zeroed out at the scheduler
  causing jobids to be the deciding factor of FIFO. Since jobids can vary
  across job servers, the problem only shows up when multiple job servers
  are in use, or when the jobids on a single server clock over past 999.
  (CHI@DELUXE - 07/29/09)


     o Modifications to boot scripts

     o macperlwrap was being compiled as PPC instead of Univ Binary
       (affects how rushscripts open)


    o Added Edit->Preferences->Job Progress Bars
      Enables bargraphs in Jobs and All Jobs reports.  
This feature only works if you have the beta release installed on all machines. Do not use if you have a mix of older releases, or 'Jobs' and 'All Jobs' won't view all jobs correctly. o New preference: "Show Job Command Logs" This enables showing the job start/done/dump logs at the bottom of the 'Frames' report, so they can be double-clicked on to be viewed. o All help viewers now have a 'search' feature. You can now type search text into the help viewer to jump to an instance of that string. Each time you hit ENTER, it advances to the next search position. o Contextual right-click popup menus on the various Irush report screens. This way one can select jobs or frames, and use the popup menu to requeue frames, dump jobs, etc. o Copy/Paste options for forwardslash vs. backslash pathnames. o Easily view frame logs in an external text editor or separate viewer windows. (DANI@3DSITE.COM) o External text editor can be changed with Edit|Preferences|Set Text Editor.. o Added 'Edit | Preferences | Ping Timeout' with a default of 3 Secs o autoscroll during selection in text window (left/right/up/down) In earlier release(s) drag-out-selection was not auto-scrolling. Merged into FLTK 1.1.x. (CHI @ DELUXE) o The 'upper' irush window now supports ANSI/XTERM fg/bg color codes, eg. ESC[7;41m This was added to support the new -x flag for 'rush -lj' and 'rush -laj'. For instance, to make white text on a red background appear in the 'upper' irush window, you can define a HotKey: Name: White text on red background Command: perl -e 'printf("%c[7;41mTesting%c[0m\\n",033,033);' Output: Upper Hotkey: F3 This shows how you can use ANSI/XTERM color codes in your own custom reports; as long as the reports show in the "Upper" window. ANSI/XTERM Color codes supported: 0 - normal 1 - bold + fg bright 2 - fg bright 4 - underscore (24 disables underscore, as does 0) 7 - reverse video (27 disables reverse video, as does 0) 30 - fg black 40 - bg black 31 - fg red 41 - bg red 32 - fg green 42 - bg green 33 - fg yellow 43 - bg yellow 34 - fg blue 44 - bg blue 35 - fg magenta 45 - bg magenta 36 - fg cyan 46 - bg cyan 37 - fg white 47 - bg white 38 - underscore, default fg 49 - default bg color > RUSH: o New JobRemarks: and RushRemarks: fields in rush -ljf report o RUSH: Added -x flag to 'rush -lj' and 'rush -laj' This implements the color 'Progress Bars' into the jobs reports which use ANSI color highlighting that works in terminal windows that support ANSI, like xterm, all linux and osx terminal windows, windows telnet/putty: Note: DOS windows do not support ANSI color codes. o Removed setsid() causing rush -log to orphan on unix machines when invoked by irush o rush -log -showpath -- new flag o rush -log -- shows nfs error messages without the ### header (less confusion) o New 'priority.range' option can be specified in rush.conf (For more details, see ADMINISTRATIVE FEATURES below) o Added 'r' flag to cpu specification, to allow 'randomizing' hostname assignments in the cpus report for better distribution. (Warner) ie: +any=50r -- randomize order of hosts when expanding +any hostgroup (For more details, see ADMINISTRATIVE FEATURES below) o Added 'affinity=' option to rush/etc/hosts file You can now set processor affinity in the rush/etc/hosts file by tacking 'affinity=xxx' at the end of the line. (See below) -- 09/30/09 (For more details, see ADMINISTRATIVE FEATURES below) o Added -x flag to 'rush -lf' which is used by irush to view jobstart/done/dump logs o Added build date and copyright year to 'rush -version' and 'rushd -version' o Fixed problem with these errors during jobdonecommand: SECURITY RUSH: uid '0' outside configured range 100-65000 INFO jobdonecommand 'ls' failed for jobid=leo.2: RUSH: uid '0' outside configured range 100-65000 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This would happen when the job owner submits a job to a job server that doesn't have his user account, but forceuid/gid is used to force everything to run as a particular user (forceuid/gid). Problem was: Spawn::ForkIt() was doing a UID range check on the uid/gid of the user before the ForceUID/GID was being applied. A job with no local account for the job owner will fallback to unknown uid/gids (0/0). Switch the code around so the forceuid/gid is applied first (if any), THEN the check is done. > RUSHTOP: o The rushtop cpu bars now have tooltips that quickly describe each bar and the meaning of their colors.
(For more detailed info, use the Help button in the right click popup menu) o New display mode for showing multiproc machines as a single cpu bar. This mode can be set from either the command line (-single vs. -multi) or via the right click popup menu for rushtop: Preferences | Single Cpu Bar per Host
The following shows an 8 processor machine showing up in normal multi-cpu-bar mode vs the new single cpu bar mode:
o New menu preference toggles for: > Help Messages vs. no Help Messages (ie. tooltips vs. no tooltips) > Single Cpu Bar per Host vs. multiple processor display o New rushtop command line flags: -single -- enables single cpu bars for multi-proc machines. -multi -- enables multiple cpu bars for multi-proc machines (old default) -nosort -- disables sorting hosts alphabetically. This way hosts appear in the order specified in the rush/etc/hosts file, or the order the user specifies on the command line. > SUBMIT SCRIPTS > submit-maya: o Maya2009 paths o Logdir checks for spaces o Fixed floating point flag (-rfs/-rfe is now -rfs/-rfb) o 'Threads All' fix for Maya sw rendering ('-n 0' flag added) > submit-mray: improved parsing of written image pathname for imgcommand > submit-nuke: o Fixes for different minor version numbers in executable names (win/osx/linux) o Added 'Update' button o Added 'License Behavior' pulldown in 'Rush' tab (control what happens during license errors) > submit-shake-quicktime: o Appends '/' if user accidentally specifies a directory instead of a filename. > Various fixes to help docs, as per alpha testing/sandro > submit-afterfx: o CS3/CS4 PATHs o AE Version pulldown CS3/4 > submit-cinema4d: o OSX mods > submit-lightwave: o OSX mods > Added new "submit-vue" script > INPUT > [WINDOWS] Fixed intermittant crashing problem with submit form Solved a problem involving a combination of drag+drop while a help window is open on Windows. Replication was: 1) Open a submit form 2) Click one of the help buttons, leave help window open 3) Highlight text from one input field, and drag+drop it (not copy/paste) to another field 4) Hit 'Submit' -- job submits OK, but input.exe crashes o new 'radiobuttons' command o gtk+ style widgets o hex style rgb colors o native chooser -- enabled New Folder button o Popup menus for input fields: copy/paste o New window resize behavior o New asciiart parser (for python!): new command line "-a" flag o New command line help screen (input -help) o New command line "popup dialog" flags 'i' (info) and 'n' (no icon) > ADMINISTRATIVE FEATURES > rush.conf: added priority.range Allows one to expand or limit the range of priority values via the rush.conf file, eg. priority.range 1 999 > New priority 'r' flag -- 'randomize' +hostgroup expansions. Normally when a job is submitted, the +hostgroups are expanded to a list of hostnames to use for rendering in the order the hosts appear in the rush/etc/hosts file. This can be seen in the "Cpus" report (rush -lc). This is the order rush will contact the remote machines at submit time for rendering, affecting which machines start rendering first. The new 'r' flag causes +hostgroup expansion to be 'randomized', so that the order of hosts is unpredictable. This helps 'distribute' the order machines are first contacted, so that each job will likely start rendering in a non-predictable order. This flag can be specified by users as part of normal cpu specifications, eg: +farm=200r +any=50@10r > WINDOWS: Cpu "affinity". One can now specify "cpu affinity" (as defined by Microsoft) for Rush renders, so that renders only use /particular/ physical processors on each machine. For instance, say you want rush to only use processors 1 and 2 on host tahoe, which is an 8 processor machine. To do this, the administrator can specify the following in the rush/etc/hosts file: #Host Cpus Ram MinPri Criteria/Hostgroups [Affinity] #------------- ----- ----- ------ ------------------- ---------- tahoe 2 256 0 +any,+win affinity=3 ^ /|\ | This will cause all rush renders to ONLY use cpus #1 and #2, leaving physical cpus #3-#8 completely unused. You will be able to see this in the Task Manager | Performance report and rushtop; no matter how many threads the renders start, rendering will be limited to those two processors. The 'affinity' value as Microsoft defines it, is a bit field where each bit represents a different processor; bit #1 represents cpu #1, bit #2 represents cpu #2, etc. eg: Affinity Description -------- --------------------------- 0 Normal behavior; use all processors [default] 1 Use only cpu #1 2 Use only cpu #2 3 Use only cpu #1 and #2 4 Use only cpu #3 5 Use only cpu #1 and #3 : etc The cpu affinity value is optional, and is ONLY relevant for windows machines. If specified for non-windows machines, the value is currently ignored. Release Notes for 102.42a9b Fixes/Features: 05/19/09 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > IMPORTANT LEOPARD FIX These errors: > FAILED TO GET ASN FROM CORESERVICES so aborting > CFMessagePort: bootstrap_register(): failed 1100 (0x44c) > In frame logs getting "Running As: ?" ..solved by StartupItemContext in S99rush bootscript > S99rush bootscript modified: o Set a fixed PATH at top of script, removed SLEEP=/bin/sleep, etc o Added StartupItemContext for OSX o OSX: Added 'waitlocal' to watch for hostname resolution at boot time > Linux install script initial mods for arch linux > Submit script modifications > modified: > Added "" to the input form, for that "Show Cpus" button > Added MessageWindow() [which has no decal images] > LogCheck() Removes leading/trailing vertical white chars > Shorter declaration of for() loops > submit-maya modified: > GetRenderedImage() checks for more MRAY specific messages > ShowCpus button + dialog popup > Extra license error message checks > Added ribgen generation option to "Render:" pulldown > -se/-be changed to new -rfs/-rfe flags > Added -art when "Threads: all" for maya 2009 (vania/absolutepost 04/28/09) > When "Threads: all" specified, "-art" flag is added > Numerous mods to help screens > submit-cinema4d modified: > OSX section included, PATH set > submit-nuke modified: > submit-nuke includes a way to set the command's name in settings > Updated PATHs > Added LicenseBehavior and Debug prompts to form > License error checking added > submit-redline modified: > Numerous changes > Help screen defined (didn't have one before) > submit-softimage modified: > Tabbed interface