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   Host Groups  

    Hostgroups are 'named groups' of hosts configured by the sysadmin, and can be specified in place of hostnames just about anywhere in rush submit scripts, or on the rush command line. Hostgroup names always start with a '+', and all hostgroup memberships can be seen in 'rush -lah' reports. For instance, '+any' is a hostgroup that includes ALL hosts.

    Hostgroups are free-form names defined by agreement between TDs and sysadmins. The '+any' hostgroup always represents 'all hosts'.

    Hostgroups are used like hostnames, and always start with a '+' character, as in:

      cpus         +soft@100
      nevercpus    +neverhosts

    All hosts on the network should be a member of the special host group name '+any'. So if a TD specifies  '+any=10@500', this indicates the job wants to use any 10 available cpus at a priority of 500, taking into account limitations set by the submit script's criteria and neverhosts commands.

    For example, if the resource manager creates a hostgroup called +badlands, adding several hosts as members of that group, then TD's can put in their submit script:

      cpus +badlands@100 inherit all hosts configured in the +badlands hostgroup at a priority of 100.

    Hostgroups can be specified in the following submit script commands:

    • cpus
    • nevercpus

    Hostgroups can be viewed with 'rush -lah', or by clicking the 'All Hosts' button in irush.