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V 103.07b 05/11/16
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Jobs Report Keywords

(New in 103.00)
The jobs reports (rush -lj and rush -laj) can now be customized via the new "-fmt" option.

This lets you define which columns you want to see in the 'Jobs' reports by specifying a list of keywords (see table below) with optional padding width and truncation values (similar to printf()). For example:

Column Headings

By default, the "-fmt" report will show the keywords in the heading of each column. You can change the names used in the headings by optionally specifying a different heading name in angle brackets (<>) immediately following the keyword, e.g.:

Header Dotted Line Separator

Format strings may optionally start with a '-' character, indicating a line of dashes will be included between the header line and the rest of the data. e.g.:

Column Padding

Column padding can be specified by optionally following the keyword with a ':' followed by an integer indicating how many characters to pad the column; negative values will pad the data left justified, positive values will pad the data right justified. e.g.:

The data in each column can optionally be truncated, if the padding integer is immediately followed by a period (.) and a positive integer that is the truncation value (similar to 'printf' style formatting). e.g.:

What follows is the list of keywords available. You can also be able to get an abbreviated list of these keywords from the commandline via 'rush -lj -fmt help'.

Expects format string as a series of whitespace separated specs:

Padding, no truncation:
    rush -lj -fmt "Status:-8 Jobid:-16 Title:-25 Owner:-14 %Done:5 %Fail:5 Busy:4 Elapsed:10 Remarks"

Padding and truncation:
    rush -lj -fmt "Status:-8.8 Jobid:-16.16 Title:-25.25 Owner:-14.14 %Done:5 %Fail:5 Busy:4 Elapsed:10 Remarks"

Simple list of fields with no padding:
    rush -lj -fmt "Status Jobid Title Owner %Done %Fail Busy Elapsed Remarks"
Custom header names, no padding:
    rush -lj -fmt "Status<JobStatus> Jobid<TheJobid> Title<TheJobTitle> Owner<TheJobOwner>"

Custom header names with padding:
    rush -lj -fmt "Status<JobStatus>:-8 Jobid<TheJobid>:-16 Title<TheJobTitle>:-25 Owner<TheJobOwner>:-8"

Same as above, with extra 'dotted line' heading
    rush -lj -fmt "-Status<JobStatus>:-8 Jobid<TheJobid>:-16 Title<TheJobTitle>:-25 Owner<TheJobOwner>:-8"
Normal report with color 'Progress' bar chart:
    rush -lj -fmt "-Status:-8 Jobid:-16 Title:-25 Owner:-14 %Done:5 %Fail:5 Busy:4 Frames[BarChart]<Progress>:-20 Elapsed:10 Remarks"

Full report requesting certain fields:
    rush -ljf -fmt "Jobid Command LogDir"