Mac OSX Installation Instructions

Installing Rush

1) Choose a local directory to install rush.

2) Configure the
/usr/local/rush/etc/hosts file

3) (OPTIONAL) Configure the /usr/local/rush/etc/rush.conf file.

4) (OPTIONAL) Configure the /usr/local/rush/etc/templates file.

5) (OPTIONAL) Configure the /usr/local/rush/etc/.submit and /usr/local/rush/etc/.render files.

6) Run the install script.


7) Start the daemon, and test it

8) (OPTIONAL) Setup accounting log rotations.

9) (OPTIONAL) Security issues.

Once you have things working on the first machine, then you can easily install rush on the rest of the machines. See 'Network Install' below..

Network Install

To install rush on the rest of the network (assuming you've got it working on one machine), you will want to rcp(1) the /usr/local/rush directory to all the machines, start the daemons, and verify they're running. FIRST, make sure *all* the hostnames you will be installing on are configured in the /usr/local/rush/etc/hosts file. Then, release everything to the net, and start the daemons:

	    foreach i ( host1 host2 host3 .. )
	        echo --- $i
	        rcp -rp /usr/local/rush ${i}:/usr/local/rush
		rsh $i /usr/local/rush/etc/bin/ \; /System/Library/StartupItems/Rush/Rush start

Now verify all the daemons have started.

    rush -ping +any           # pings all daemons in rush/etc/hosts

Installing WWW-RUSH

This step is optional.

If you want to use www-rush, the web interface to rush, make sure *one* of the rush machines is also running a web server (like Apache). You would only need to the following config on the web server.

1) Copy the www-rush perl script to the webserver's 'cgi-bin' directory.

    cp /usr/local/rush/cgi-bin/www-rush /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables

2) Install the www-rush documentation in the documentation directory.

    cp -rp /usr/local/rush/html/www-rush /Library/WebServer/Documents

3) Test it by opening Netscape to the URL for the script.
Make sure your server daemon is running, eg:
    apachectl start

4) Customize the www-rush script's variables if need be